Deep dive into Angular.js directives

September 6, 2014    book

So I have an explanation of why I am not writing that much lately in the blog. What is it? I am writing a book :)

Quoting the book page:

Are you an experienced Angular.js developer who wishes to learn more about directives? You came to the right place.

Directive is what makes Angular the best Javascript framework out there, but it is also the most complicated concept of it. Directives are complex, there are infinite use cases for them and you can easily find yourself deep into different options, and not being sure of which one you need to apply to succeed.

So if directives seemed magical to you and you need to learn how they work to be able to create your own, this is the book you want.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How directives are built.
  • How to use all the different options on the directive definition object.
  • How to apply some tips and tricks to make your directives more flexible.
  • How to combine our directives with ng-model to create outstanding directives.
  • How to create custom validations for our use case.
  • How to wrap jQuery plugins into directives.

And much more!

The book comes with an introduction to Javascript unit testing as well as Angular unit testing.

All the examples of the books contains unit tests, all those tests are fully explained and you can try both working and test versions on Plunker.

I hope you all sign up on the page and also to leave a comment here to say what you think about it. I hope to release a first version on September with most of the DDO covered at least.


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